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2015-09-25 10:48:04 by ChaotixMachine

A list of my best works to date. Will update as necessary.




Electric Poetry

Living Color

System Link!

Epoch de Valerion

Mental Alignment


2013-08-20 08:52:16 by ChaotixMachine

Learning how to make music in Reason. Is fun.

Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings!

2012-09-29 09:58:29 by ChaotixMachine

I've been working on my game a lot lately, and consequently, have gotten a lot done. If anyone wants to check it out, you can can do so here:

Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings

If anyone is good at scripting in Ruby or knows/is a good artist, send me a PM. :)

New songs!

2012-01-04 17:46:01 by ChaotixMachine

Was sick this week and the last, so I decided to make a couple songs whilst sitting around the house. A lot of you(dunno if anyone even reads this) probably don't know about it, but I'm currently developing an RPG called Epoch de Valeria. I don't have a release date, but I am working on getting a demo released sometime around the middle of this year, so stay tuned for that. Not gonna get into too much information on it just yet, but it will be pretty massive. ;)

New songs!

Post-it #5

2010-09-23 22:05:41 by ChaotixMachine

Been fooling around with various instruments and other contraptions to see if I can make any new sounds out of them, and also to try and inspire some creativity. I've been stuck in a rut for a while now, so hopefully things will look up soon. I am planning on getting some actual recording equipment, since I've got a rather improvised setup here that barely cuts it.

I'm also thinking about getting an electric-acoustic guitar since I can just get a splitter and plug it into my PC, making it a lot easier to get the best quality out of the instrument since it doesn't have to go
through a medium. I've always loved the tone and musical possibilities of an acoustic-electric too.

As a reminder, I can also be found here:
My Reverbnation Profile
Check it out, fan the page if you like it, etc.

-Arlic von Vaelli

Post-it #5

Starting a new music solo project!

2010-06-05 15:54:28 by ChaotixMachine

After hearing all the positive feedback about my guitar playing, I've decided that I'd start up a musical solo project. Since all the recordings of my guitar are in really shitty quality here, you can jump over to my ReverbNation profile if you're interested.

Visit my ReverbNation Profile here, and become a fan!

I've finally gotten better recording equipment than a $5 mic lol, so I'll be able to record in higher quality now.

Thanks, and cheers guys!

Starting a new music solo project!

Masterpiece Collection #6 is almost done.

2010-02-16 08:00:52 by ChaotixMachine

Finally, after 2 months, Transcendant Wings is almost ready for submission. With this, my first masterpiece collection will be fully uploaded to Newgrounds.
Er, I know it's a tad late but ... Happy Valentine's day guys! xD I hope you got lots of chocolates, and perhaps a love letter or two. :P


P.S. - My pal is trying to get publicity for a project he's doing, and needs some support from anyone willing to help. It'd be great if you guys could help him out a bit.

There should be some ad links by google below the donate button, just click one of those and that's it. (If you're one of those skeptical people, they're all safe, so don't worry about viruses.) Thanks guys! :)

Engagement of the Mind
UPDATE - 2/17/2010

I'm thinking at trying my hand at a fast trance song, although I have yet to come up with a theme for it.

Masterpiece Collection #6 is almost done.

Coming Very Soon! ...

2009-12-14 09:17:44 by ChaotixMachine

Over the past few months, I have been working to create a handful of my own personal masterpieces that I will soon submit to the Audio Portal.

These works of art far surpass my last few submissions, and I hope you guys think so too! :)


14/12/2009 - 10:38AM
UPDATE: Lucid Fantasy, Sea of Elegance, Evantasia, and Pachabel Canon Orchestra are all up.

The last song from the Masterpiece Collection is Transcendant Wings, which will be posted here once it is completely finished. If you haven't given my masterpieces a listen, why not do so now? :)

17/12/09 - 10:22AM
UPDATE: Since I want to finish off my Masterpiece collection with a bang, Transcendant Wings will take a while before it's finished. In the meantime, I've uploaded one my latest songs called "Mental Alignment" for your listening pleasure. :)


Coming Very Soon! ...

H1N1 has me.

2009-10-16 11:35:25 by ChaotixMachine

Grrr. After avoiding the swine flu for so long, it finally has me in it's grasp. Although the H1N1 is just another version of the common flu, it's still not very enjoyable to have. And as much as it's being described as a killer virus, it is indeed not. The only difference between it and a regular flu is it spreads faster.

Dun' get infected!

H1N1 has me.

Well, I can tell you from personal experience...


There was no way to get rid of that crap, so I ended up boot & nuking my computer. (Wiping everything to the point that it's absolutely irrecoverable)

My CD burner ended up not working, so I couldn't evacuate my important files before I dropped the nuke, so I ended up missing the deadline for a $2000 business deal, so I was pretty pissed

For those who aren't that computer savvy, W32.Confickr.exe is a deadly virus that has been spreading around the globe at an enormous rate. It focuses on using your computer as a gateway to transfer stolen confidential government information, Terrorist plots, etc.

Apparently it's being run by some underground botnet operation, but the weird thing is... They traced it back to the Chinese government! Wh...What if they're trying to overtake the world!? O.o

But yeah... It's bound to happen one day or another, If this is the end of the world they were talking about happening in 2012... I think it's starting a little early. If it is the Chinese spying on us... It's not going to end well.

The really scary thing about this virus is it's remote controlled. The one pulling the strings behind all this can just type in a command that says..Idk, >DELETEFILE=C:\WINDOWS or something, and it would screw up every computer that's infected with Confickr. That would destroy like 3/4 of the computers in the world! This is probably the most elaborate plot in history. Shut down a country's defense systems, and then launch the nukes. So yeah, if you have Confickr, or you think you do... Your computer will be running slower than usual, and Windows update will be blocked as well as anything on the web that could lead to the deletion of the virus. If you do manage to get a removal tool or something on your computer, the virus will delete it as soon as you put it on your comp. Also, when yout boot up the computer, the virus will shut down your CD Drive for the boot up process so you can't remove it with a CD either.

The only thing it allows you to do is reformat your hard drive, which would delete your files, and most likely leave the virus intact since it embeds itself into your hard drive. I would recommend not plopping a removeable storage device into your computer anywhere because the virus latches onto it and installs itself on any PC you use that storage device on.

You should install the confickr patch if you already haven't. Trust me, you don't want to get this thing. I didn't think I'd need the patch, so I ignored it and look what happened to me! >.<